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Facts for Life



Facts for Life consists of 14 chapters filled with practical information about how to ensure children's rights to survival, growth, development and well-being. The topics address pregnancy, childbirth, major childhood illnesses, child development, early learning, parenting, protection, and care and support of children.

Each chapter has three parts: an introduction, key messages and supporting information.

THE INTRODUCTION is a brief 'call to action'. It summarizes the extent of the problem and the importance of taking action. The introduction aims to inspire people to get involved and share this information widely. It can be used to motivate political leaders and the mass media.

THE KEY MESSAGES, addressed to parents and other caregivers, are the essence of Facts for Life. They contain the essential information that people need to protect their children. The key messages are clear, brief and practical, so people can easily understand them and take the recommended action. These messages are meant to be communicated often and in various ways through multiple channels of communication.

THE SUPPORTING INFORMATION elaborates on each key message, providing additional details and advice. This information is particularly useful for community-based workers, health workers, social workers, teachers and families – anyone who wants to know more about the survival, growth, development and protection of infants and children. It can be used to answer questions from parents and other caregivers.